Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment

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Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

The first phase of treatment is initiated to:

  • Prevent a problem from developing (preventive treatment) 
  • Intercept a developing problem (interceptive treatment) 
  • Guide the growth of the jaw bones that support the teeth (growth modification) 

The treatment will be timed to predictable stages of dental development to provide the greatest potential for improvement and correction of your child’s malocclusion (bad bite). The first phase of treatment benefits patients physically, enabling them to bite or chew more effectively. It may reduce the risk of breaking front teeth that protrude. And for many patients, there is an improvement in self-esteem. Younger patients may be more cooperative and follow the orthodontist’s instructions on appliance wear and oral hygiene. And the desired changes that result from a first phase treatment may contribute to long-term stability, meaning that teeth stay where the orthodontist has moved them. 

The second phase of treatment moves permanent teeth into their final positions, usually with the aid of braces and retainers.

The goals of two-phase treatment:  

  • A proper relationship of teeth and jaws, so that they work correctly
  • Correct alignment of the teeth, for a beautiful smile,
  • Positioning of the teeth and jaws for an attractive face and profile

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